Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

Yes, another year has come around. The stores are stocked, the Christmas carols are playing songs all about Santa. As a child, I never really thought that much about the real reason we celebrate Christmas. Yes sometimes we did go to church at Christmas. We enjoyed the school plays about Mary and Joseph giving birth to baby Jesus.

Mostly I remember Christmas being about family and friends getting together, food and more food. My mother's baking of sausage rolls, shortbread cookies, mince meat tarts with whip cream and listening to all the oldies: including Elvis, Bing Crosby. Decorating the Christmas tree with my mother. Even back when I was a child the same shows that air today, came on our black and white television set. Shows like "The Grinch" or "Charlie Brown Christmas" and who could forget "A Christmas Carol" or "The Miracle on 34th Street"? Well sometimes, I do forget. I forget many things of the past. Some things I cling to with a smile of the memories. I watch the old videos and recognise how young we were then. There are many cherished moments of togetherness which spanned over years.

Part of the Christmas celebration is trying to recapture that love and miracle of the season. Many of those loved ones from my childhood are now gone. I was thinking this morning of my sweet sister Penny who left us in December a few years ago . I was thinking well, now she is with her Mum and Mum has been reunited with her in paradise along with many others. This is the hope we have in Christ our Saviour. We have that hope because Jesus was the true "Miracle" who is often forgotten or simply left out of the all the Christmas celebrations. It is easy to do. So, as I sit and think about the past and the present time, I can't help but tear up a little because I miss those loved ones. It does not seem the same without them.

It is now a New time and a New season. I am where my mother was, what seems like only see a few years ago. I am a mother, wife, and a grandmother. Of course it is a desire to share all the love of Christ (CHRISTMAS) with each one. To capture the miracle of it all. While there is the fun of Santa for the little children, it is my prayer that my grandchildren will get to know the one behind the miracle. The true miracle of Christmas and what the greatest gift of all really is. Merry Christmas to all. Maybe this Christmas will mean something more. Enjoy the link video below.