Friday, June 3, 2011

Back Door

Step outside my back door.
Walk a few steps
Lilac flowers cover the path like sprinkled lace.
It must be God’s grace.

A hundred more steps before you reach the crest of the hill.
Embrace the moment and be still.
Wild flowers lay amongst the uncultivated grass.
Fields of green shimmer and dash.

Legs tickle with the brush of painted flowers.
The woodwinds symphony of praises empowers.
Birds chirp, frogs whistle a God orchestrated song.
It makes one feel strong.

Trees sway aggressively in majestic praise.
Dancing with a quiver full of leaves.
Birds glide with the wind up and down
In perfect harmony with every quiet sound.

Blue sky reflects off the calm of the pond.
Creating an inimitable bond.
Tiny waves glitter over the water like diamonds enhanced by the sun.
One can almost see the angels dipping their wings and having fun.

Everything is dancing to an eccentric rhythm.
Freedom from bondage to escape like the light from a prism.
A water show of unmistakable magnitude.
Life changing, perspective making, gratitude.

Rustling to a crescendo of a song that never ends
Through the window of our eyes we see a glimpse of Heaven
Standing at the highest place like a queen.
A view untarnished and rarely seen.

Soft, romantic, spontaneous, charismatic, gentle and amazing.
God’s poetic song of love is peaceful, soft, tranquil and capturing.
No words can recreate all that God lavishes on us or the depth of His
amazing love which He generously pours out to each of us every day.

Exult the Lord our God for He is worthy of all our praise.

2011-06-02 – Rebecca Wills Robinson