Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gifts - A Reflection of His Love


Endless streams of water poured over my children and me as we stood under the waterfalls. Gushing out from between the tightly packed rocks, water flowed with an endless rush down over the boulders with a vibrant force. The sun was shining through the mist making a prism of colours, pink, yellow and green. With hands held high we bathed in the moment of refreshing. Our smiles glowed, cheeks the colour of rose pedals. Refreshing, cleansing, a spiritual awakening, and a moment in time. The sense datum in the air of that day, was a sweet natural scent, lending itself to our pleasure. With eyes closed, our arms artlessly propelled toward the sky cognizant of the fact that we were standing beneath God’s intricately made waterfall which he was pouring out for our enjoyment on that hot summer day. To this day, that waterfall remains secluded deep within the forests of Algonquin. The portage was worth every moment. Oh, how that memory refreshes me even now fifteen years later. The children are grown and living on their own. Yet, I remember that moment in time, the precious memory in our lives, treasured and guarded safe within the expression of my mind and my heart. With a willingness to share one of my life experiences with you, in a hope that in some way I would remind you of a similar time in your life when you felt that there was something special or divine in your life.

We all have these moments. I would like to call them gifts from God. You know they are special because these moments capture the deepest part of whom God has created us to be. God moments. The feeling you get the first time you ride a bike. The awe that takes your breath away when you watch the calm in a morning sunrise. The bond of love felt when a baby is born. That unsettled butterfly in your stomach when you are driving your boat over the waves at such speed that your eyes water and tears stream down your face. Or maybe it is the connection between close friends sharing a picnic basket. Yes, there are many such moments to treasure.

These moments are a part of our lives. Stemmed from opportunities given, chances taken and choices made. There is a wise saying: “Stop and smell the roses”. Did you ever notice that roses don’t last very long? They have a sweet fragrance when they flower. However after about a week or so the pedals fall off. Sometimes all you are left with is a bush of thorns. Even in that state, they have a uniqueness about them. I think there is a message in that saying. I was thinking just the other day that I would really like to have more of those God moments. Moments when we want to see, feel or hear that wow factor. Perhaps they are there, but I don’t recognize them for one reason or another. Life can get to busy that we get caught in that time warp and don't realize that there is so much in life to experience. It is a big world out there. We can have these times of refreshing every day if we choose. The first thing we need to do is stop what we are doing. If it means pulling your car off to the side of a road and looking at the wild flowers, why not take a minute to observe how beautiful wild flowers can be. Shut the television off and take a walk along the road side. Drive to a lake and watch an amazing sunset and notice the colours in the sky. Sit on the front step with a loved one and point out to each other what you see amongst the numerous stars.

Did you like fishing when you were a child? Go fishing, even bait the hook. Take a minute to get away and listen to sounds of the singing frogs, crickets, the swish of the wind. Feel the breeze on your face. Notice it, feel it and praise God for it. Don’t take anything for granted. What if today was your last day on earth? Take snapshots with your mind as you look with new eyes at the fields of green, the budding trees. Spring arrives each year with the newness of life. Everything around us flourishes. Notice the pleasant fragrances in the air after a rainfall. You can even smell the dew worms. Seize the moments when they happen. So soon the moment could be gone. You will have missed out on God’s gifts to you. Breathe in the life around you and at the end of the day, when your head hits that pillow, sleep in peace knowing that life is good. Sing a new song or even an old one. “Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your many blessings and see what God has done. Count your blessings, name them, one by one. Count your many blessings and see what God has done”.

A Reflection of His Love

I Praise You Lord
My trust is in you alone Lord.
You direct my path.
You make complete my soul.

With you Lord, I am forever free.
Your Love sustains me.
Continuously mending my broken heart.
Moulding me, conforming me to Your Perfect Image.

Day to day, You fill my cup with Love, and Hope.
Your gracious love and healing touch soothes my soul.
Like broken pottery restored by a potter's hand,
You restore me. I Praise You Lord.

May the mountains, You have helped me climb,
return to You the pleasant fragrance of Your perfume.
Blend it with the flowers of my love,
so we can be one in Spirit eternally.

Like flowing streams,
which trickle through thick forest glades
eroding through rugged mountains,
You direct my crooked paths, always bringing me back to You.

Your tender mercies flow upon me like a cascade.
Washing me again and again.
Though over 2000 years ago, Your blood was shed for me,
Your blood still flows from that cross today.

Still cleansing me.
Forever lifting my feet upon a solid rock.
Reminding me of the Great Sacrificial Love,
You have always shown me.

No other Love can compare to Your Perfect Love.
Thank - You Jesus.

Poem - by Rebecca Wills Robinson