Friday, December 5, 2014

Morning Prayer

I was up early this morning, made the coffee, my husband’s lunch and kissed him goodbye, before he went off to work for the day. Then I took my coffee down stairs and for a moment thought about turning on the television and veg out, maybe watch the depressing news cast - just relax before my niece arrives and my Mum gets up. It was so quiet and the fireplace was burning a soothing flame, and the house was warm and cozy. I thought, No! I have some quiet time. I should pray and talk to God. I have slowly been drawn away from the discipline of prayer and other Spiritual priorities. 
I decided to pray.

With the sermon notes on the subject of prayer from the last few Sundays, still fresh in my mind, I began to exalt God and acknowledge my Holy and Heavenly Father, Creator and Savior. Many of us in my generation grew up starting our day at school by saying the Lord’s Prayer and then singing 'O Canada', at the sound of the 9:00 school bell. The Lord’s Prayer is a format example of how Jesus told the disciples how to pray. It is a helpful instruction for those who don’t know how to pray or communicate with a Holy and Just God. If you want more information on the topic of prayer in this regard contact and I’m sure Pastor Bryan Vaughan will send you a copy of his sermon notes which will direct you to Bible scripture on the topic.

This morning, I began praying for others, who I know are struggling. I find, as I begin to pray for others, topics or thoughts will come to my mind. It is important to pray. See sermon notes. It should not surprise me that during prayer, often God responds. For me, I don’t hear God speak in an audible voice per say. It is more within my inner thoughts and inspirations. I just know it is His voice. His answers, add to the prayer, instructs with inspiration, direction ideas of action, obviously not contrary to The Word of God.

So, after that little prelude. After praying, I was inspired to write again.

Often, people reach for other things to meet their needs and desires rather than reach out through prayer to God. People bury themselves in paperwork or a multitude of other things. After a long day at work, the couch is a very inviting place. Even this morning, I would have turned on the television to find some rest rather than rest in the Father God and talk to Him through prayer. Ridiculous, since I just had eight hours sleep. How many people are no different than me? I know of so many who are struggling with trials, anxiety, worry, addictions. It seems easier to reach for the quick fix:  Turn to other people, your job, success, prosperity, fame, alcohol, and cigarettes, Tim Hortons or MacDonalds to fill that graving. We get the picture.

People line up for a half hour to buy a coffee. Thus the new jingle. “You always line up at Tim Horton’s”. A half hour of prayer would fill your cup with a better replacement than coffee, wine, or the cravings of the sinful heart.  On and on I could go. People are trying to ease the pain of their real struggle, with some or all of these types of things. It is so true. I think it is called comfort food. What is my comfort food? What is your comfort food? Can you ever eat enough of it? We are getting fat consuming the wrong foods. I’m not talking about whether or not we should eat pork. I’m talking about what nutrients are you consuming for your Spiritual, Physical and Emotional needs? Are you going to Tim’s or MC Doo Doo’s for it, or are you turning to God and a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. Tis the season to be Jolly, Fa La La La La La, La La La La. Tis the season to know and understand that Christ is the Greatest Gift of all, and through Him, you can have a minute to minute communication with the God of the universe. Give Him all your worries, anxiety. Rest in Him Merry Gentle Men.

I know that there are so many unanswerable questions about God, about faith. There are also many answers in the Holy Bible. I can see many eyes rolling who are reading that line. The Holy Bible is the infallible Word of God. The Bible is proven, tried and true with many fulfilled prophecies to date and a few more Biblical prophesies still to come. Example - the return of God the Son for those who believe, repent and receive that greatest gift of all Jesus Christ. The Bible is full of God’s good advice, instruction which can give those who seek Him and ask Him for help a means to find that help on a daily basis. The “BIBLE, yes that is the book for me. I stand on guard for the Word of God. The BIBLE”.  How many people even pick up the Bible or have a Bible these days? If you want a free Bible also contact They will give you a new Bible.

Many know how to turn on the tap, but don’t turn on the tap of communication with God. Or maybe it has become a slow drip. To some God is not real. To others, they can put way more faith in a man in a red suit named Santa. (Satan) Same letters used. Isn’t he a sly devil that father of lies? We tell our children the same lie then wonder why they don’t believe in God when they get older. If Santa was a lie then God must be a lie too. That is probably one of the biggest lies of all.

We pray for God to speak to us, but in reality within the Word of God, He tells us how to receive all these things and so much more. Why is it, even for Christians who know and study the word of God, the first signs of trouble or problems, even just business; reading the Bible, studying it and then prayer and application is the first things to be put aside?

All stop there and continue my prayer.