Monday, July 9, 2012

After the Parade

What happens after the parade? Book Launch is over. Five years have been spent writing, editing, rewriting, and more editing. Hopefully and prayerfully, I have put out a product that will do what it was meant to do. That is, to do more than entertain the avid reader. It was meant to direct the reader to think about the characters within the books in relation to their own lives and the struggles which they may be going through or went through. Is there a positive message within the books which will give one person a little hope to continue in their faith or maybe make a life change, freeing themselves from the things that bind? If the answer is yes, then I have accomplished what I set out to do. I have no aspirations of saving the world through these books; The Saviour Christ Jesus is the only one who can do that. I did want to implement a biblical message within my books because I truly believe that the bible is the inspired word of God. When we try to follow the biblical teachings, I honestly believe we can live better lives. I'm not going to give a sermon on that today.  

Writing these books called me to walk a fine line. The topics within my books are about emotional and painful issues of which many people can relate. Much healing is needed to overcome such experiences as the topics intertwined throughout my books, whether they are bad experiences from our past or in the present. I cannot apologize for attempting to write in a descriptive manner as to paint a realistic picture in a fiction story. These are adult topics for the young adult and older. They are not Mary Poppin books. Each book in The Narrow Road Series is meant to help the reader experience some healing which may pertain to any individual need. They are meant for the young twenty year old who is sitting in a one room rental, smoking crack and addicted to drugs, deceived into thinking that this is the only lifestyle they can ever have. The Narrow Road Series of books are for women who have been emotionally and physically abused or even raped. They are for those who are coping with infidelity within their relationships. Real topics for real people.  

Some people may even be offended by some of my descriptive phrases which I have woven into the storyline as to bring the reader to the same place as the characters. It is easy to be offended when we allow our imaginations to interpret more than is written. One person may look at someone swimming naked and see it as sinful. Another, may look at it and see it as pure, natural or innocent. It all depends on the mindset of the person reading the story.

I like to think of these books being like a small branch extended to the youth of today. Danger, deception and difficulties are pulling us in many different directions. In our modern day society, biblical values are being slowly chipped away. My books are subtle reminders to hold onto these values because they give wise guidance.

Do you need to find freedom from an addiction? Do you find it difficult to accept who you are, what you have done in the past and move forward? Are you holding onto unforgiveness toward someone who has hurt you deeply? Do you feel like you have a cancerous tumour sitting in the pit of your stomach ready to explode? Perhaps you feel little self-worth, not relevant to this world or to anyone? If only for a second, you had to think about the answers to my questions, then you will relate to the topics and the characters within The Narrow Road Series. There is a God message within each book waiting for someone. Maybe that message is for you?

Check out the Narrow Road Series:

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Ripley the Road to Acceptance
Jenn the Road of Sacrifice

Coming Soon! Joseph the Mountain Road

Now after the parade, I'm sure; I will listen to the reviews, good or bad and I will learn from the experience of writing these three fiction books. If one life is changed for the better by the story lines within these books, then I will have reached my goal.